La Bocca Della Verita – BYOB

We are now a BYOB establishment.

There are many locations near the restaurant for our clients to pick up any libations they would like to enjoy with their meals. Please ask your server if you need directions to any of the neighborhood purveyors.

Weekday Specials are back!

Select pastas are available for $9.95

Select wines are $20 a bottle

These Specials are available for dine-in only Mon.-Thurs. OR Lunch Sat./Sun.

Restrictions apply / CASH Only

Please check with your server.

Figs the fresh forbidden fruit!

Cesare would tell the story of Romulus  and Remus the legendary founders of Rome, who were nurtured by a she-wolf under a glorious fig tree.  The fig was the original forbidden fruit, then the story was changed because the apple was the symbol of paganism due to the cider which got them intoxicated.  So Cesare believed that Paradise was a fig orchard.  So I want to present to you a slice of paradise. Fresh figs with prosciutto and mascarpone cheese. Mmmm.

photo (1)

Fiori di zucchini-Zucchini blossoms have arrived

I wanted to create a trendy restaurant with a trendy name, atmosphere, and food. My husband Cesare insisted that we stand out. We brought many items and art from Italy which made La Bocca della Verità feel like we were in Italy. We searched far and wide for menu items which would be similar to what we would find in Italy, right down to the bread. What we couldn’t find we made ourselves, like gnocchi and ravioli. Our menu does have some typical recipes but we also have many atypical items, like zucchini blossoms. We take beautiful fresh zucchini flowers, gently pull open each petal to insert fresh mozzarella and a sliver of anchovy, then a batter bath and a quick fry. Enjoy!photophoto(1)

La Bocca Della Verita 2.0

La Bocca della Verità means “the mouth of truth”. Cesare and Liz D’Ortenzi, founders of La Bocca, are proud to serve real Italian food with grace and style, never compromising on quality. Since 1990, La Bocca della Verità has been the benchmark for authentic Italian food.  We offer both classic and modern choices, all made from authentic ingredients.  Our focus is on simple and tasty meals that will bring you back to Rome every time.